November 1-3, 2010

Accepted MT Research Papers – Oral Presentations:

Discriminative Syntactic Reranking for Statistical Machine Translation
Simon Carter and Christof Monz

Extending the Hierarchical Phrase Based Model with Maximum Entropy Based BTG
Zhongjun He, Yao Meng and Hao Yu

Arabic Dialect Handling in Hybrid Machine Translation
Hassan Sawaf

Supertags as Source Language Context in Hierarchical Phrase-Based SMT
Rejwanul Haque, Sudip Kumar Naskar, Antal van den Bosch and Andy Way

Translating Structured Documents
George Foster, Pierre Isabelle and Roland Kuhn

Using Variable Decoding Weight for Language Model in Statistical Machine Translation
Behrang Mohit, Rebecca Hwa and Alon Lavie

Coupling Statistical Machine Translation with Rule-based Transfer and Generation
Arafat Ahsan, Prasanth Kolachina, Sudheer Kolachina, Dipti Misra and Rajeev Sangal

Incremental Re-training for Post-editing SMT
Daniel Hardt and Jakob Elming

Refining Word Alignment with Discriminative Training
Nadi Tomeh, Alexandre Allauzen, François Yvon and Guillaume Wisniewski

A Source-side Decoding Sequence Model for Statistical Machine Translation
Minwei Feng, Arne Mauser and Hermann Ney

Fast Approximate String Matching with Suffix Arrays and A* Parsing
Philipp Koehn and Jean Senellart

Maximising TM Performance through Sub-Tree Alignment and SMT
Ventsislav Zhechev

The Impact of Arabic Morphological Segmentation on Broad-coverage English-to-Arabic Statistical Machine Translation
Hassan Al-Haj and Alon Lavie

Combining Confidence Estimation and Reference-based Metrics for Segment-level MT Evaluation
Lucia Specia and Jesus Gimenez

Choosing the Right Evaluation for Machine Translation: an Examination of Annotator and Automatic Metric Performance on Human Judgment Tasks
Michael Denkowski

Accepted MT Research Papers – Poster Session:

Semantically-Informed Syntactic Machine Translation: A Tree-Grafting Approach
Kathryn Baker, Michael Bloodgood, Chris Callison-Burch, Bonnie Dorr, Nathaniel W. Filardo, Lori Levin, Scott Miller and Christine Piatko

A Cocktail of Deep Syntactic Features for Hierarchical Machine Translation
Daniel Stein, Stephan Peitz, David Vilar and Hermann Ney

Using TERp to Augment the System Combination for SMT
Jinhua Du and Andy Way

f-align: An Open-Source Alignment Tool for LFG f-Structures
Anton Bryl and Josef van Genabith

Improved Phrase-based SMT with Syntactic Reordering Patterns Learned from Lattice Scoring
Jie Jiang, Jinhua Du and Andy Way

Transliterating From All Languages
Ann Irvine, Chris Callison-Burch and Alexandre Klementiev

Using Sublexical Translations to Handle the OOV Problem in MT
Chung-chi Huang, Ho-ching Yen and Jason S. Chang

MT-based Sentence Alignment for OCR-generated Parallel Texts
Rico Sennrich and Martin Volk

Detecting Cross-lingual Semantic Similarity Using Parallel PropBanks
Shumin Wu, Jinho Choi and Martha Palmer

Combining Multi-Domain Statistical Machine Translation Models using Automatic Classification
Pratyush Banerjee, Jinhua Du, Sudip Kr. Naskar, Baoli Li, Andy Way and Josef Van Genabith

Transferring Syntactic Relations of Subject-Verb-Object Pattern in Chinese-to-Korean SMT
Jin-Ji Li, Jungi Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee

Improving the Post-Editing Experience Using Translation Recommendation: A User Study
Yifan He, Yanjun Ma, Johann Roturier, Andy Way and Josef van Genabith

Accuracy-Based Scoring for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Sergio Penkale, Yanjun Ma, Daniel Galron and Andy Way

Improving Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation from Farsi
Evgeny Matusov and Selcuk Köprü

Chinese Syntactic Reordering through Contrastive Analysis of Predicate-predicate Patterns in Chinese-to-Korean SMT
Jin-Ji Li, Jungi Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee

Machine Translation Using Overlapping Alignments and SampleRank
Benjamin Roth, Andrew McCallum, Marc Dymetman and Nicola Cancedda

A Comparison of Extended Lexicon Models with Various Restrictions in Hierarchical and Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Matthias Huck, Martin Ratajczak, Patrick Lehnen and Hermann Ney

A Discriminative Lexicon Model for Complex Morphology
Kristina Toutanova, Chris Quirk, Hisami Suzuki and Minwoo Jeong

Voting on N-grams for Machine Translation System Combination
Kenneth Heafield and Alon Lavie

Improved Statistical Machine Translation Using Monolingual Text and a Shallow Lexical Resource for Hybrid Phrasal Paraphrase Generation
Yuval Marton


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